Gentoo and libvirt-0.9.12

Posted on Wed 01 August 2012 in Linux • 1 min read

Yesterday i've started the update process for my far, so good.

After a while emerge finished successfully...of course with a lot of messages, even some messages (from libvirt) that in my kernel config some features are missing e.g.


As usually i've ignored these messages :( After a reboot i try'd to start one of my several VMs - without success. Only with a error message

Could not access KVM kernel module: Permission denied 
failed to initialize KVM: Permission denied 
No accelerator found!

Uhm what is this now? I've try'd to start qemu-kvm on a shell..that worked. So it must be anything with libvirt and qemu-kvm. After some research on my system i've found out that qemu-kvm try'd to start the VMs as the user qemu but /dev/kvm belongs to root:kvm.

Adding the user qemu to the group kvm should help

gpasswd -a qemu kvm

Maybe this is Bug in the ebuild file!?