OS X Mavericks and MacPorts

Posted on Sat 22 March 2014 in OSX • 1 min read

A few weeks ago i upgraded to Mavericks (10.9)...so far, so good.

But i had some trouble with my MacPorts installation...

:info:configure CMake Error at Modules/Platform/Darwin.cmake:211 (message):
:info:configure   CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is '10.9' but CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT:
:info:configure    ""
:info:configure   is not set to a MacOSX SDK with a recognized version.  Either set
:info:configure   CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT to a valid SDK or set CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to
:info:configure   empty.

On https://trac.macports.org was this problem already reported but without any solutions that worked for me. So i did my own research and i ended up with a really dirty workaround.

Create a list of all installed ports (incl. variants)

sudo port -qv installed

Uninstall all ports

sudo port -f uninstall installed

Clean any builds

sudo port clean all

Reinstall all necessary ports

port install  +variant1

Yeah...it's not the best... i know!