[notepad] vmbuilder command

Posted on Tue 13 August 2013 in Linux • Tagged with kvm, libvirt, notepad, xen, vms • 1 min read

vmbuilder kvm ubuntu -a amd64 --suite=precise --cpu=2 --libvirt qemu:///system \
   --mem=2048 --user=root --pass=random --hostname=testsystem --dest=/tmp/test \
   --raw=/dev/vgdata1/test_root --rootsize=16384 --swapsize=2048  --addpkg=openssh-server \
   --bridge=virbr0 --ip= --mask= --gw= …

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Xen virtualization with Intel-VT

Posted on Fri 04 September 2009 in Linux • Tagged with Server, XEN • 1 min read


for a training i needed some pcs with a virtualization technology preferably from Intel (VT). The easiest way is to buy some pc components and to build thereof a pc. After my last selfmade pc i'm a little bit impaired on that score. So i needed a pre-build pc …

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XEN: clocksource/0 Time went backwards

Posted on Tue 07 July 2009 in Linux • Tagged with Debian, Linux, XEN • 1 min read

Everybody know about these sweet line(s):

clocksource/0: Time went backwards: delta=-5802595381342 shadow=440273248432 offset=11586903

To prevent this, add this line to your sysctl.conf


Next is, to add


to the config of your XEN domain (like /srv/xen/build.conf …

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Mac OS X und die XEN Console

Posted on Sun 05 July 2009 in OSX • Tagged with Apple, OSX, XEN • 1 min read

Um die XEN Console unter Mac OS X bzw dessen Terminal zu verlassen CTRL+ALT+6 !

Kurz aber Schmerzlos ;)