SUSE Openstack Cloud - debugging sleshammer

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To get a login shell during the discovery and [before]{.underline} the nfs is mounted:


root@admin:~ # crowbarctl proposal edit provisioner default
  "id": "provisioner-default",
  "description": "Created on Thu, 09 Nov 2017 15:43:20 +0100",
  "attributes": {
    "provisioner": {
      "discovery": {
        "append": "DISCOVERY_ROOT_PASSWORD=replace-with-your-password"
root …

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chrony - adjust time manually

Posted on Fri 22 September 2017 in Linux • Tagged with chrony, Linux, Notepad, Work • 1 min read

$ chronyc -m "password $( awk '{ print $2 }' /etc/chrony/chrony.keys  )" makestep

openstack kolla - docker dependency tree

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kolla dependency tree created via 

# kolla-build --save-dependency /tmp/kolla-dependency -p fullbuild

ceph metasearch – elasticsearch backend - part 2

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  • ceph cluster (kraken release)
  • elasticsearch

The rgw syncer is only used/triggered in multisite configurations - so we need to setup a second zone for the metasearch.

environment / settings
export rgwhost=""
export elastichost=""
export realm="demo"
export zonegrp="zone-1"
export 1zone="zone1-a …

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ceph radosgw (set)lifecycle - AWS v4 is broken

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First - s3cmd config
Setting signature_v2 = true is not enough! You have to set --signature-v2 as a parameter.

Second - 'Prefix' tag
You have specify a Prefix tag - and yes with a captial P!

without prefix tag
</LifecycleConfiguration …

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ceph metasearch - elasticsearch backend

Posted on Fri 21 April 2017 in Ceph • Tagged with ceph, elasticsearch, radosgw, howto, linux, notepad, work • 1 min read


Fetch zonegroup configuration (json struct)
# radosgw-admin zonegroup get > /tmp/zonegroup.json

change the tier_type to elasticsearch

Import the configuration
# radosgw-admin zonegroup set --infile /tmp/zonegroup.json
Fetch zone configuration (json struct)
# radosgw-admin zone get > /tmp/zone.json

Add the following parameter endpoint & {url} for the section tier_config

    "tier_config": [
            "key": "endpoint …

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Fixing ceph partition uuid or OSD data dir is not mounted

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To fix the partition uuid

sgdisk --info=##partnr## -t ##partnr##:##part-uuid## /dev/##disk##

sgdisk --info=1 -t 1:4fbd7e29-9d25-41b8-afd0-062c0ceff05d /dev/sda1

Ref: /lib/udev/rules.d/95-ceph-osd.rules

Openstack Manila with CephFS as backend [notepad]

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[notepad] ceph journal size/ssd speed

Posted on Tue 18 October 2016 in Linux • Tagged with ceph, journal, ssd • 1 min read

ceph journal size (doc)

not for bluestore

osd journal size = {2 * (expected throughput * filestore max sync interval)}

The default for filestore max sync interval is 5 therefore for a 10Gbit network the "perfect" size would be

osd journal size = { 2 * ( 1280 * 5 ) } = 12.5 GB

ceph ssd speed

The optimum …

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ceph - setting up rbd-mirror between two ceph clusters

Posted on Sat 15 October 2016 in Ceph • Tagged with ceph, rbdmirror, howto, linux, notepad, work • 3 min read

2x ceph cluster (aio) running centos 7.2 /w ceph jewel. Added a 2nd crush rule to both clusters:

rule rep_osd {
    ruleset 1
    type replicated
    min_size 1
    max_size 10
    step take default
    step choose firstn 0 type osd
    step emit

(ceph crush map)


Install the rbd-mirror package in …

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