Google Software Updater fuckups

Posted on Thu 22 September 2016 in Linux • Tagged with notepad, osx, linux, Google Chrome • 1 min read


To disable the ksfetch (ks = keystone) daemon (which comes with google products) there are several ways to do this.

  1. Uninstall the Google Software Update Agent
$ /Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/GoogleSoftwareUpdate.bundle \
    /Contents/Resources/ [--nuke] 

The --nuke parameter will also remove ksfetch related stuff.

  1. Set the checkInterval …

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ejabberd + letsencrypt (ssl config)

Posted on Mon 05 September 2016 in Linux • Tagged with letsencrypt, Linux, notepad, ejabberd • 1 min read

    port: 5222
    module: ejabberd_c2s
    certfile: "/etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.pem"
    starttls: true
    starttls_required: true
      - "no_sslv2"
      - "no_sslv3"
      - "no_tlsv1"
      - "no_tlsv1_1"
    dhfile: "/etc/ejabberd/dh2048.pem"
    port: 5269
    ip: "::"
    module: ejabberd_s2s_in
      - "no_sslv2"
      - "no_sslv3"
      - "no_tlsv1"
      - "no_tlsv1_1"

s2s_use_starttls: required
s2s_certfile: "/etc/ejabberd …

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RHEV/ovirt - can't switch SPM role - async_tasks are stucked

Posted on Mon 29 August 2016 in ovirt • Tagged with KVM, Linux, ovirt, RHEV, rev, redhat • 1 min read

On the host with the SPM role

$ vdsClient -s 0 getAllTasksStatuses
{'status': {'message': 'OK', 'code': 0}, 'allTasksStatus': {'feb3aaa5-ec1c-42a6-8f17-f7c94891b43f': {'message': '1 jobs completed successfully', 'code': 0, 'taskID': '631fd441-0955-49da-9376-1cba24764aa7', 'taskResult': 'success', 'taskState': 'finished'}, 'b4fe0c6d-d458-4ed2-a9e2-2c0d41914b8f': {'message': '1 jobs completed successfully', 'code': 0, 'taskID': '67e1a2e8-3747-43fa-b0dd-fc469a6f6a02', 'taskResult': 'success',
'taskState': 'finished'}}}

On the RHEV/ovirt manager …

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ROSE Xeon CW (2015) & power2max Rotor 3D+

Posted on Wed 24 August 2016 in Life • 1 min read

Rahmen: ROSE Xeon CW 2015

Innenlager: Rotor Pressfit 4630 (PF46-68-30)

Kurbel: Rotor 3D+ mit p2m Spider

Spacer [laut Specs]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}: 1x A + 1x E auf der Ds, 1x A auf der NDs

Spacer [verbaut]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}: 2x A auf der Ds

Mit den von Rotor vorgesehen Spacern …

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RHEV/ovirt - find stucked / zombie tasks

Posted on Sun 14 August 2016 in ovirt • Tagged with KVM, Linux, RHEV, rev, redhat • 1 min read

Random notes

$ vdsClient -s 0 getAllTasksStatuses
$ vdsClient stopTask 
$ vdsClient clearTask 
$ su - postgres
$ psql -d engine -U postgres
> select * from job order by start_time desc;
> select DeleteJob('702e9f6a-e2a3-4113-bd7d-3757ba6bc4ef');


/usr/share/ovirt-engine/dbscripts/ -c "select * from job;"

entropy inside a virtual machine

Posted on Thu 30 June 2016 in Linux • Tagged with ceph, kvm, linux, notepad • 1 min read

Sometimes my ceph-(test!)deployments inside a VM failed.

The Problem is that the kernel/cpu can not provide enough entropy (random numbers) for the ceph-create-keys command - so it stuck/hang. It is not a ceph problem! This can also happen with ssl commands.

But first things first - we need …

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Mac OS - bashrc / homebrew - random notes

Posted on Sun 26 June 2016 in OSX • Tagged with Bash, OSX, notepad • 1 min read


if [ -f $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion ]; then
    source $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion

generic colouriser

example - colour

if [ -f $(brew --prefix)/etc/grc.bashrc ]; then
    source $(brew --prefix)/etc/grc.bashrc

spotlight for cmd

spotlight () { mdfind "kMDItemDisplayName == '$@'wc"; }

Openstack Horizon - leapyear bug

Posted on Mon 29 February 2016 in openstack • Tagged with Openstack, SUSE Cloud 5, SUSE Cloud 6, linux, openstack, suse • 2 min read

Switching the language in the dashboard ends with a error.

"day is out of range for month"


[Mon Feb 29 09:20:05 2016] [error] Internal Server Error: /settings/
[Mon Feb 29 09:20:05 2016] [error] Traceback (most recent call last …

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SUSE Openstack Cloud - sleshammer - pre/post scripts - pxe trigger

Posted on Wed 24 February 2016 in openstack • Tagged with crowbar, Openstack, sleshammer, SUSE Cloud 5, SUSE Cloud 6, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server • 1 min read

Enable root login for the sleshammer image

(it is used by the suse cloud as a hardware discovery image)

The sleshammer image will mount "/updates" over nfs from the admin node and execute the This script will check if there are some pre/post-hooks and will possibly execute …

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delete HSTS cache on chrome

Posted on Mon 04 January 2016 in Notepad • Tagged with Google Chrome, hsts, notepad • 1 min read

  1. Goto chrome://net-internals/#hsts
  2. "Delete Domain"