apache and tomcat - packetsize per request

Posted on Mon 05 January 2015 in Linux • Tagged with jboss, linux, notepad • 1 min read

During a consulting project i had some trouble with the following environment


Loadbalancer >> Apache >> Tomcat / JBoss

Each request ended in a 400 Bad Request but the configuration looks good and works fine with other projects.

In the end we made some configuration modifications to the apache and tomcat.

Configuration …

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JBoss Cluster - ServerPeerID

Posted on Tue 22 February 2011 in Linux • Tagged with JBoss, Server, Work, linux, notepad, java • 1 min read



For clustered environment each jboss node need a unique ServerPeerID which must be a valid integer.

Nagios plugin for JBoss monitoring - check_ajp

Posted on Fri 05 November 2010 in Linux • Tagged with JBoss, Nagios, Perl, Server, linux, notepad, plugin • 1 min read

Released check_ajp v1 - see download

md5sum: bfd5c249a1f44123062a0485c3af524c

Usage: ./check_ajp --app

$ ./check_ajp --app; echo "return: $?"
OK - AJP - 0.00294 seconds response time|time=0.002943s;;;0.000000;10.000000
return: 0
default setting
port 8009
warning 1.5 seconds
critical 3 seconds
timeout …

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