Nagios plugin for JBoss monitoring - check_ajp

Posted on Fri 05 November 2010 in Linux • Tagged with JBoss, Nagios, Perl, Server, linux, notepad, plugin • 1 min read

Released check_ajp v1 - see download

md5sum: bfd5c249a1f44123062a0485c3af524c

Usage: ./check_ajp --app

$ ./check_ajp --app; echo "return: $?"
OK - AJP - 0.00294 seconds response time|time=0.002943s;;;0.000000;10.000000
return: 0
default setting
port 8009
warning 1.5 seconds
critical 3 seconds
timeout …

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Nagios 3.0.5 for Debian Lenny

Posted on Thu 06 November 2008 in Linux • Tagged with Debian, Nagios, Server, linux • 1 min read

Nagios 3.0.5 released on 11/04/2008

Packages available via ftp. Please use the following line in your sources.list

deb unstable main contrib non-free

Based on the unstable Debian packages.

Nagios3 @ Debian Etch

Posted on Wed 23 April 2008 in Linux • Tagged with Debian, Nagios, Server • 1 min read

Nagios 3 (inkl. pnp) ist unter Debian Etch mit Hilfe der Pakete von svelt ( sehr einfach geworden.

Nur wenn man versucht den Link "Disable notifications for this service" für einen Service zu aktivieren, bekommt man eine Fehlermeldung ala :

Error: Could not stat() command …

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